Rates 2022, pro night

Caravan / tent / trailer / camper van pro night from €11.95
Extra tent at the same place max. 2  Free
Person aged 12 and over pro night€ 5.95
Children aged 2 to 12 a night€ 3.75
Children up to 2 years Free
Electricity pro night (6 amps) € 3.60
Dog pro night € 1,00
Extra auto/motor pro night € 1,50
Shower coins (5min.) € 1,00/pc

Free wifi from 2022!


Month and season places 

For the month places there a few places available (between nr 40-50, n°54 and 55) and you may come as often as you want in the reserved period. 


 1 month in april, mai, june or september 2022: 375€/month 

 2 months in april, mai or june 650€

3 months from 1 april till 30 june 775€

  these are included 2 people, tourist tax, electricity, wifi, 1 car and dogs (max.4) free

 Monthly or annual places, (only by email or by telephone reservations)


Annual place start in 2022: 860€ , excluding electricity 0.45€/kw and tourist tax about 90€ pro year (charged directly by the municipality),

These are the pitches in the zone from number 1 to 39.

Currently there are no annual places available. But if you are interested we can place you on a waiting list